Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Smacks of Old Fart

I do not have to look very far or dig very deep to find examples that fit the SOOF criteria. Yesterday I made one last trip to my storage unit. It occurred to me that having a storage unit Smacks of Old Fart. Approximately fifteen years ago my brother in law and partner in my veterinary business and I, decided we needed a large storage unit. We could use it to store our excess quality possessions (ie., junk); our excess vet. clinic equipment and supplies (ie., junk); our kids moving in & out of college possessions (ie., junk); our kids moving from single to married life possessions (ie., junk); I think you get the idea. Fifteen years ago our rate was about $75/month. Seemed reasonable. Paying the bill through the office after all. When I closed the account recently I discovered we were now paying $200/month. Even if you average that to $150/month for 15 years that equals around $27,000. Now I feel like a really stupid old fart.
Some quality things I stored. The baby crib we used for all three of our babies. Just knew my kids would want to use this crib for their kids. Guess what? It is not deemed safe anymore. How our kids survived this dangerous time in their life I just don’t know. The old: desks, beds, VCR’s, pots and pans, Christmas decorations, couches, bicycles, speakers, posters, mirrors, lamps, school (teaching) supplies, etc., etc. Nobody wanted any of these things. Why do we have this need to store these things? Not sure why, but I do know a lot of old farts have storage units.
I took most of these things to the local Goodwill store today. Couldn’t help but notice the Goodwill receiving area looked a lot like my storage unit did prior to my emptying it out this week. Just a minute, my phone is ringing. “Hello Barry. This is Bob. Want to go to a 30 household garage sale today? We can probably find some fantastic deals.” I think he means junk.
Maybe I can find a storage unit with a free month and start all over. Let me know if you agree this phenomenon really Smacks Of Old Fart! 



  1. I'm into garage and estate sales too. Good thing you have a big attic!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of money. I think we need to buy a storage facility. I think that is where the real money is. I hope you didnt get rid of any of my most prized possessions.

  3. You and Bob are a pair to draw to!