Thursday, May 3, 2012

Falling Behind. Will Organization Help?

 I have fallen behind (again) in my posting, but sometimes, there just isn't a lot of riveting news at the BrierPatch. After Baby Cora arrived, things seemed a little dull around here. We did try to swim in the pool Saturday, but it was still too cold for us. See what I mean?  Riveting!

What does this have to do with organization you may be wondering? Well, it is the lack of organization that affects this blog. I am beginning to feel that I need a schedule here at the BrierPatch. So as of today, here it is: Monday will be Media Monday. Either Joe, possibly anyone else with some kind of review, or I will have a post about something in the media. (Help me English majors, should this really read a medium review? I am confused. ) Movie reviews, television show reviews, podcast reviews, magazine or newspaper article reviews will be posted on Mondays. Tuesday will be Tech Tuesday. Tech Tuesday will mainly be for my friends that have asked me for advice with their iPhone, computer, or iPad. (I don't do Windows!). Let it be known that I also have very limited advice to hand out. But I do speak beginner "help".  Send questions if you have any. I will make an effort to answer them.

Wednesday, of course will be the increasingly popular Smacks of Old Fart post.

That leaves Thursday and Friday for me to ramble on about life with Barry, the dogs, my children, grandchildren, relatives, and friends. Anyone and everyone is fair game. But, believe it or not, I do use discretion. Hopefully, this plan will help The BrierPatch stay online. If there is one thing that disappoints me, it is going to my favorite blogs and finding there is not a new post. Saturday and Sunday will probably be off days. Most blogs follow this format.

However, let me just say that all of the above is subject to change at anytime. Sometimes the best laid plans fall by the wayside. So we will have to be flexible.

This past Sunday, something exciting did happen (for Barry and I, anyway). There was a Painted Bunting at our bird feeder!

They migrate through our area every spring. Some will stop and nest before they fly further north. You can see them at Cedar Hill State Park and sometimes at Lloyd Park in Grand Prairie. However, we have never had one come to our feeder. Birding is a lot of luck. Barry just happened to look out the window and see him there. I had to take the photograph through the window, so it is not as clear as I would like.

Also, the bluebirds are back with two of their young. They seem to be nesting again. At least, that is the impression they are giving us. Or, it could be because they know we will give them meal worms, and they are just playing us.

The last thing I have to tell you is that Magic can swim. He jumped in the pond to chase ducks the other morning. I am so glad he can swim, because I did not want to go in that duck and turtle poop pond after him. He swam about half way across and then, thankfully, turned around and came back. He was sad he didn't capture a duck, but sadder that he had to have a bath.

Doesn't swimming in the pond count as a bath?

That is a week in a nutshell. Hopefully with my new organizational plan other weeks will contain more entertaining information. But, a Painted Bunting is pretty darn good.


  1. Like the plan! I bet I could use your tech help, so I'll come up with questions.

  2. I had an iPhone question for you once, but I don't remember if I actually asked you or figured it out myself. If I ever upgrade my phone or get an iPad, I'll think of some for you. Can I have my dad call you when he has a question about his Mac and my brother doesn't answer his calls? I do Windows. :)

    1. Sure! But I have limited capabilities.