Wednesday, May 30, 2012


You know what smacks of old fart? Forgetting to write your SOOF article on time. Well better late than never. I actually have too many topics to choose from. That in itself SOOF. My latest example was not typical of me. More like something my counterpart, Pat Oler, would do. Anyway here is what happened. 
Some of you that know me know I go to the 24 hr health club a few times a week. I’m no Charles Atlas, however I am trying to stem the slide of age a little. It is as much mental health as physical for me. On Wednesdays I usually swim laps. I go from work during my lunch break. Last Wednesday I arrived at the health club on time (sometimes an issue for me) and proceeded to take my closes off and put on my bathing suit. Let me back up slightly. Wednesday morning I was running late and in my rush to get ready for work I grabbed what I though was my bathing suit in my closet. Okay back to the health club. I stripped down, put on my jockey strap, and grabbed my suit. Surprise, it wasn’t my bathing suit. It was Jan’s bathing suit. It was blue. My suit is blue. It was some type of nylon. Mine is some type of nylon. It was a woman’s bathing suit. My dilemma, do I try to swim labs in a woman’s bathing suit?? Of course not. I had to get dressed and forget my workout. 
Now, while this technically does smack of old fart I can’t take full responsibility. Jan says I never take full responsibility but I beg to differ. Why was her bathing suit in my drawer? I may be on old fart but I’m not a cross dresser. Well I have go get my weekly body wax, pedicure and highlights now so I’ll see you, or contribute again, in two weeks.


  1. Just be careful when you're typing so you don't mess up your manicure!

  2. I am insulted that you think my bathing suit would fit you!

  3. I almost fell out of my chair reading this one. WTG, Barry!