Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Smacks of Old Fart

I'm a 65 year old retired senior citizen.  I believe you're only as old as you feel, age is just a number, and a 60 year old Baby Boomer is equivalent to a 45 year old member of that great generation that  fought and won World War II.  Retirement is more fun than I ever imagined, and aging most definitely beats the alternative.
HOWEVER, I have one fear that haunts me to the core of my soul.  Every night, when I go to bed, I ask myself....."Did I do or say anything today that Smacks of Old Fart?"  It can sneak up on you so fast that you don't even know it.  You've got to constantly be on your guard.  Things that use to be cool (like saying, "Hey, that's cool") really aren't "cool" anymore.  However, I doubt that wearing your belt buckle above your belly button or black socks with shorts and sandals were ever the height of fashion.  But, jeans bought long enough to roll the pant legs into cuffs were once considered "cool."  Now, it just Smacks of Old Fart.
Jan has asked me to keep my eye out for things that "Smack of Old Fart" and report them back to her for inclusion in her blog.  This I will do on a bi-weekly basis (if that really means every two weeks), and may even include a picture or two.  That is if I can figure out how to take a digital picture, download it to my computer, and attach it to something that I can send to her.  You see I'm really just a Big Chief Tablet and #2 Pencil kinda guy.  And, that in and of itself, probably Smacks of Old Fart.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  I have just been informed by my daughter that wearing socks, even black socks, with sandals and shorts are are now considered fashionable. Can you believe it? That one snuck up on me in a hurry. See what I mean. You've really got to keep your guard up.  


  1. I'll tell you what SOOF. I forgot your 1st installment was due this Wednesday...Pat, Thank goodness our wives are around to help with our I.T. problems.... You know I am comfortable wearing sandals with socks but my kids give me grief. I'm going to check out the new fashion on Snopes. If it is true I'm there.... Got to go update my Twitter & Facebook accounts..just kidding.

  2. Enjoyed the post, Pat! I believe the kids are saying, "that's swag," now a days.... I have no idea why!