Monday, May 14, 2012

Media Monday- It's a Little Bit of a Rant

(It is important to preface this post with the reminder that I love animals. I do not want to see any animal harmed. For goodness sake, I am married to a veterinarian, and an animal's well being is our life. So this post is in no way in disregard about the animals in this article.) 

The news media drives me insane with their sensationalism. I have written about that before, and the fact that I don't like reading or listening to their bad reporting makes a varied Media Monday hard.

However, last week, I saw this article on the front page of the Tarrant section of the Star-Telegram and I had to comment. Just for your information, the byline is not even in the online version.  So, if you were just reading the headlines online, you would not even know a child was involved.

I was appalled that the by-line was not the headline in this article. This tells me that the mistreatment of dogs has become a bigger sale of papers than the fact that a one year old child was found "amid squalid conditions". 

Seriously, people? Have we honestly become a nation that doesn't care about the children? This brought me back to the Penn State scandal, which is also in the news. I still have not wrapped my head around the idea that a grown man, McQueary, could observe a child being hurt and not say "Stop it", and get that child out of harms way. That should have been step one in that whole horrible situation.

 Isn't it our duty to protect the ones that can't protect themselves? Personally, I feel our media needs to stand up for what is right also, not just what sells papers or gets them top ratings. 

Rant over. 
Thanks for listening.