Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Fortuitous Event

Last night I tried and tried to come up with something interesting to write about for today. At midnight, I gave up and decided that everyone would probably be just fine without a day of Inside the BrierPatch.
(Barry says I post too much anyway. I love that kind of support.)

This morning we were on the back porch enjoying our coffee and the rain, when a titmouse flew right beside us with suet in her mouth. It looked at us and flew off. About a minute later, something fluttered and the dogs started chasing a baby titmouse on the ground. We got the dogs away, but the little bird was all wet and cold.  So Barry warmed the little bird up in his lap and is keeping him dry and safe.

As soon as it stops raining, the little baby bird will go to a safe place in the yard with his mom. I'm so glad we were there to save the little bird, and he was there to give me something to write.


  1. Wow, that was lucky...for you and the little bird!

  2. Jan and Barry . . the super heroes!!! Your hearts are bigger than this golf course!!
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for helping that baby!!