Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last Lizard Post for March

Wow, I had no idea how many people had a special lizard in their life. Here's to all those lizards out there and to everyone who told me about their special one.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lizard Hunters: Part 2

Shannon sent this photo of their lizards playing earlier today. They do look happy and warm. I haven't seen my lizard today. He is probably wishing he was in  a warm house with lots of crickets and mealy worms being fed to him.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lizard Hunters

I am sitting here icing my gluteus maximus. I did something to it in yoga today. I wasn't doing anything fancy or different, just felt something very different.

My son, Brett, and his son, Ben, love to catch lizards. Actually, I think my daughter in law, Shannon, catches as many or more lizards than they do. While I am all for Ben having a lizard, we have a problem.

Since we have moved, I have a lizard. However, my lizard lives free. (cue the theme to "Born Free") He sits outside my office window and enjoys the southern exposure. However, I just recently found out that Brett and Ben have already tried to catch him.

He is mine. I love you, Ben, but you have your own lizards. So I am putting it out there in cyberspace, with all my loyal readers as witnesses, THEY ALL HAVE TO KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF MY LIZARD. If anything happens to my lizard, heads will roll. See how serious I am?

Please support me in the Save the BrierPatch Lizard campaign.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Cart Garage Frog of Danbury Dr.

Friday morning, Barry came into the bedroom carrying a three-legged frog. He wanted to show it to me before he put it in the pond. Apparently, one of the cats had gotten it and left it in the cart garage. The frog was still alive, but Barry felt it should go back to the pond. If it didn't survive, at least, it could be a meal for another animal. The food chain, you know. Since I was barely awake, I did not get a photo of the three-legged frog. The frog swam away, so maybe I will see it again and get a photo another time. A photo of it alive, swimming, happy, and adjusting to life with three legs.

Today, Miles and Michelle came by for a visit. Barry wanted Michelle to look at something in the cart garage and when she opened the door, this is what she found.

While this is not our little three-legged friend, it must be a relative of his. He was just swimming in the cats' bowl of water. But from whence did he come? This morning, I had actually noticed that the cats' water had unusual dirt in it. I cleaned it out, so I am thinking this frog had already been in there swimming.

Barry was putting on his shoes, so he told me to take it to the pond. Michelle and I set him free, but he didn't really seem grateful. I think he was enjoying his little bowl of water that some lady cleaned out for him when it got messy.

Just in case you are wondering, Barry wanted Michelle to see this big push cart he had bought at a garage sale around the corner. I don't even know when he slipped off and went to the garage sale. He loves a good deal.

As of now all frogs are where they should be, I think. The push cart is going to the clinic, and I am off to give my sink an extra dose of Clorox.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just a Little Camera Play

I decided to photograph the sunrise this morning. However, it was cloudy, so I didn't really get a good shot.
Here is the shot I did get. It looks a little ominous. So I took a photo of this Sky-
Sky, the cat.
Then, later I found these photos on my camera:
I wonder who took those? That same photographer also took a picture of me and it was really scary. I did not post it. You can thank me later. This camera is way too sharp. I am in dire need of  better make-up, surgery, or both. 

Later in the afternoon, the home owner's insurance sent a garage door company by to fix one of our doors. It seems that the chlorine that had been stored in the cart garage prior to our move in, had destroyed parts of the garage door. Of course, it did not break until after we took possession of the house. The repair man was very professional and went to work to fix the door. I just happened to go out front while he was working and saw his company truck. Luckily, my camera was close by.

I would have to say, I don't know that I would have ever called this company had I seen this truck driving down the road.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Here!

My new camera is here! I had to take a few pictures, of course. It is wonderful.

There has been a problem around here that I have not shared with you. We have a squirrel that is eating all of our birdseed. Can you believe that?

Here is the bird feeder from which the squirrel partakes of all day long. Notice it is empty. One reason the squirrel can eat all the seed is because this is how Bingo guards it.

"Turn around Bingo, you are looking the wrong direction!"

"Bailey, wouldn't you like to catch a squirrel? They are rodents, you know."

At least Barry is doing his job. He is making sure the Bluebird house is all nice and clean in case a family would like to make it their home.

And me, you ask? What am I doing? Playing with the camera. Those boxes will have to wait one more day.

Guess What

The Pioneer Woman gave this camera away yesterday. This is the camera that will be delivered to me today. I entered the contest, not to be greedy, but to give it away. AND...I did not win. Wouldn't it be fun to give away great items like that camera?

I do feel the need for a giveaway. I need suggestions on what kind of
things readers would like to receive. Keep in mind, there is usually a $10.00 and under limit. Would you like a contest, a random drawing, or a mixture of both? I am here to please.

If I ever become a famous blogger, publish a cookbook, or a novel, I will up the prizes on giveaways!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On the Way

This little beauty is on its way to me. It is a birthday gift from my thoughtful husband. 
Thank you, Barry!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hidden Treasures

One thing about moving, it makes you clean out your attic. Many, many years ago, I had some personal items that I packed away and told Barry NOT to throw away. Since I had not seen most of them in a long time, I, of course, assumed those items had been thrown away to make room for other things.

Imagine my surprise when Barry walked in with a box last night that I had not seen in approximately twenty-nine years. It was my Madame Alexander doll. When I was five, I was quite ill and had to spend several months at home. This doll was a gift, and I loved it. I even gave her a haircut. My mom was very upset with me. Honestly, I thought it would grow back. Looking at it now, I  realize I could have had a future as Annette Bening's hairdresser.

Under the doll clothes, in the box, was this beanie from Ousley Junior High. I am not sure if this is my beanie though. Classmates, did we wear beanies? Maybe it belongs to my brother, Chris, or maybe someone gave it to me. I don't have the energy to climb back up a ladder to get my junior high annuals down and search. So, if anyone knows the answer to the beanie mystery, please let me know.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A New Phase of our Life

Last Thursday, we moved into our new house. John Brown's Movers loaded up their truck and moved our belongings. 

While the movers were there, the satellite guys were also there. That was lucky for everyone, because it took five men to put up the television.
This television came with the house, but we had to take it down to paint. It is our version of the JerryTron in our house. (if you read this blog you know we also have one in the RV)

I will go on record here that I am the television fanatic in the household. Barry mainly uses it for the music channels. 

Then today, I read that more than two hours a day of television is bad for your brain. I probably should have known this, but I guess I have watched too much television to recall that fact. It is probably too late for me, but I have only seen forty-five minutes of television today. 

Here is the television all set up and working. Woo Hoo!

Barry put up some pictures.
there is still a lot to do. 

Our friend, Becky, brought us dinner-homemade Chicken Pot Pie. It was yummy. I asked her to bring it the night after we moved into the house. I knew we were too tired to enjoy it the night of the move. 

I can't even remember where we went to eat the night of the move, but on the way home I was feeling melancholy. Barry said the move was good for us. We were entering a new phase of our life. 

I asked, "What is this phase called?"

Barry replied, "The next to last phase." 

My Apologies to Mrs.Bayless

Mrs. Bayless was one of my favorite English teachers. I had her in junior high. We diagrammed a lot of sentences. I loved diagramming sentences. It was such a delight for me to use different colored pencils and make all the lines.

Mrs. Bayless had several pithy expressions that contained advice or wisdom.
Everyday when she took roll, she would say, "Speak now or forever hold your zero."

Then if someone said, "Do we have to?"
She would answer, "You only have to do two things in life. Pay taxes and die."

She didn't like the Channel 5 news. Her comment was, "Channel 5 News is the 'What's New at the Zoo' newscast."

I just reread my post from yesterday and there are some badly composed sentences. Forgive me Mrs. Bayless.

Monday, March 7, 2011

“Last week the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang Happy Birthday.”

A little over a week ago was my birthday. Joanie, Ava, and Lucy came in to help us celebrate. Joanie, also wanted to say goodbye to the house she grew up in and see our new house. Ava wanted to see her cousins, and Lucy was just happy to be where they were.  (My neighbor could not believe that Joanie drove from Houston with the two girls and her dog, all by herself. Jacob had a previous commitment. I know you were there in heart, Jacob!)

Ava has suddenly decided not to be as cooperative for photos. Has she been conspiring with Scarlett?

We all went over to Brett and Shannon's house. They had a babysitter arranged, so the adults and Lucy could go out for dinner.

Ben was busy playing on the trampoline.

Of course, all Scarlett wanted to do was hold Lucy. Ava was okay with this, because she had found Scarlett's glittery gold shoes and was wearing them around the house. That girl loves sparkly shoes.

Then, Ava and Scarlett decided that they needed to help Joanie feed Lucy.  How many girls does it take to feed a baby?

Thanks to all my kids, their spouses, husband, and my grandchildren for a wonderful birthday.
(even though most of you did not make it into photos, but don't feel bad neither did I.)