Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tech Tuesday-Record It

Have you ever been out and wanted to record a thought? Maybe you need to give someone a message that is a little convoluted to type, but doesn't warrant a response or whole phone conversation. Use your QuickVoice app on your iPhone or iPad. I under use this app and wanted to remind everyone how convenient it can be.

The app looks like a microphone.

When you open it you get a screen with Record and Play.

Press Record and speak your mind or record something else. If you wish, you can title the message by touching the title button. If the message is just for your own use and you don't need to send it, you are finished. But if you want to send it, touch the box with the arrow in it and email it to your friend.

They will receive your recorded message.

I have friends that have used it in meetings and doctor visits. 

There are oodles of recording apps.  Many have better features than this one.  If you have SIRI, she probably does this all for you anyway, but I am still convinced she would not be able to understand me. 

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