Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Sixties are Over, Men!

One of the things, I like about being a member of Walnut Creek Country Club, is the members. We have a lot of really nice members. There are very active tennis and golf associations. So, there is usually a lot going on. 
Tuesday and Wednesday, that something going on was the annual Nutty Buddy Ladies Golf Association Tournament. This is our Member-Member tournament, and it is filled with a fun theme, charitable donations to a good cause (Indigent Mammography — Texas Health Fort Worth), and golf.  
This year’s theme had a bling theme and members brought it! 

Don’t be fooled by the outfits though. The golf is serious. Fun, but serious. So imagine our surprise when we ran into a group of men trying to get on the course that were not happy that “woman were all over it” and just plain rude to us. This doesn’t happen a lot here. Most of the men are very nice and many of the men golfers are married to the women golfers. But, right now one of our courses is being renovated, and tee times are a little harder to get. Apparently that fact had put these guys in a bad mood. I'm not sure, but after seeing these sunglasses, they may have left in disbelief. 

Or it could have been that the Marshall made them leave. 
And, here’s a big thank you to the good guys out there. 


  1. THey were probably the same men members that forced us to move our charity tournament to the pecan, despite the fact that we had a contract saying we were on the oak. I'm still really unhappy with WCCC.

  2. You are probably right, Joe. There really are just a handful of these jerks.