Thursday, September 22, 2011

Major and Minor Disturbances

This just in from NASA:

NASA Decay Predictions for UARS Satellite

UPDATE #8 - As of 7 a.m. EDT Sept. 22, 2011, the orbit of UARS was 115 mi by 120 mi (185 km by 195 km). Re-entry is expected sometime during the afternoon of Sept. 23, Eastern Daylight Time. The satellite will not be passing over North America during that time period. It is still too early to predict the time and location of re-entry with any more certainty, but predictions will become more refined in the next 24 to 36 hours.

Whew! So 5% of the world's population can breath a little easier today. Hint: That is sarcasm. It is sometimes hard to convey that in print.

My insurance agent, Joe Jenkins, also assured me that we are covered in the event of satellite fallout. I am wondering though, if he just said that because he knew I wouldn't survive if there was a direct hit on my house or car. Still, he made me feel better.


There are photos like this out there that disturb me. Two young women that are so thin that when they stand like this, they look like someone with two heads.


To scare me even more, there is this transformation. A girl that is cute as a button, yet, has plastic surgery.

The result?

I have so many thoughts about this. Here are just a couple.
  1. I am hoping that the reason results like this happen is that no reputable surgeon would do surgery on a perfectly fine, young face. So, one must have to go to a quack surgeon.
  2. But, it happens so often.
  3. Can someone take these girls away from their parents? 
  4. Celebrities should pay someone to be honest with them, not tell them what they want to hear. 
  5. However, is Ali Lohan actually a celebrity?
  6. I guess if you go by the definition of celebrity, she is.
  7. Should we start a "Save the Lohans" campaign, or is it too late?
  8. We probably should just use that money to save the world from satellite debris.

Thank goodness for actresses like Melissa McCarthy. Her eyes do look a little "surprised" though.


Stop there Melissa. Stop.

URAS, I am keeping my eye on you. It is wrinkled and tired looking, but it is on you. 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

U ARS Kidding Me

By now, everyone has heard about the UARS Satellite.

I happened to hear about it from a newscaster that couldn't stop being cheery and smiley about it. You would have thought a lost puppy was returning home.

This whole thing concerns me.
NASA says the satellite is six and a half tons but they expect most of it to burn up upon reentry, leaving about 1,200 pounds of metal coming toward Earth. Experts expect the satellite to break up into twenty six different chunks, with the biggest chunk being around 250 pounds of titanium, aluminum and steel. It’s expected to land somewhere from the tip of Canada to the southern tip of South America. The debris field is said to be 500 miles. A NASA spokesman says the odds of it landing over a populated area are “very, very small.”

I am so glad they have narrowed it down to somewhere from the tip of Canada to the southern tip of South America. I may not be the smartest cookie in the jar, but doesn't that include us? I even looked up the population of every country in North and South America. URAS will have to search hard to find an unpopulated area.

You can track the satellite here.
Satellite Tracking

I wonder if my insurance covers satellite fallout?

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Monday, September 19, 2011

He Showed Me

Bingo, what is that?

Oh my! He did it. He went out and bought a volleyball yesterday.

He even found children to come play with him.

They are not ours, but I think they fit right in with our family.

Cute, fun, and a little weird.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Morning's Discussion

I saw Barry putting up the volleyball net this morning. I went out and asked him why he was putting up the net.

He asked "Why does it bother you that I put up the net?"

I answered, "Because we don't have a volleyball."

He countered, "Besides the fact we don't have a volleyball, why does it bother you that I put up the net?"

How does one respond to a question like that? If you have an answer, let me know.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bingo's Lament

Do you know what it is like to just be hanging out in your own yard, minding your own business, when....

another critter comes crawling around. 

I tried to protect Jan and Barry from it. But, they seemed to like it. 

Thank goodness someone came over to give me the attention that I deserved. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ava was up at six Saturday morning wondering when her cousins, Ben and Scarlett, would arrive. (that would be 10:30AM ) Note to self, next time she is here, don't tell her what is going to happen the next day.

When they arrived, she was already in the chilly pool, because four and a half hours is a long time to wait. Of course, they joined her right away.

Scarlett took time out to play Peek-A-Boo with Lucy.

There was some sunbathing and some relaxing. 

"Don't look now, but the paparazzi is here."

These activities were all performed by the seven and under crowd. Everyone else was busy feeding them, holding them, applying bandaids, taking their photographs, and other general, full time childcare duties.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grandchildren Galore

This past weekend, we had all the grandchildren over at one time or another. 
It was fun. It was exhausting. It was fun.
On Friday, I attended Grandparents Day, at Ben’s school.  I got a card from Ben. 

We had lunch and went to the book fair together. I love book fairs. Book fairs with your grandson are awesome.

When I got home, Ava and Lucy had just arrived. Having Ava and Lucy at our house is wonderful. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Turtles Hatching

I wanted to wait until I got home to post about the turtles hatching. I happened to find a video from Akumal that will give you an idea of the birth.

Around 10:30, the guard at our property came and told us turtles were hatching. There were two babies that had pushed through and were resting after all their hard work. We waited for about two hours and saw something like this

Turtle Hatching Video
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We are home. Laundry, grocery store, yard work, house work....

Oh Akumal, palapa, Yamilli and Armando- we miss you.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Amazing Sunglasses Story

Have you been wondering what happened to us? Did you think that we had disappeared into the jungles of the Yucatan? Were you sitting by the phone anxiously waiting for a call from Pancho Villa?

No? Well, you would be right. We have just been:
1. Eating
2. Playing Dominoes
3. Sightseeing
4. Shopping
5. Relaxing

We have ventured out to snorkel, but the past evenings storms have the water too churned up to see much. The thunderstorms have been so wonderful, though, that we didn't mind.

You might recall that I mentioned that I lost my sunglasses at Xel-Ha. Barry just knew if he went back there he could find them. He's the optimist, I am the skeptic. It is a big place.

So, on Wednesday, we showed the Olers some surrounding properties and looked at a new one being built by Bahia Principle.

Our real destination, though, was Tulum and then dinner at Ana and Jose's.

On the way to Tulum, we stopped at Xel-Ha so Barry could search for my sunglasses. Pat, Jennifer, and I knew there was another draw at Xel-Ha.

Her name is Janet, and it is not me. On Tuesday, Barry met her. Yes, she is a guide or information person. It did become a bit of concern though, when we saw her whispering in Barry's ear. We have been teasing Barry ever since.

Barry went to the lost and found. The lost and found official wanted to know-
1. What kind of sunglasses were they?
2. Where did we lose them?
The dressing room.
3. What color was our locker cord?

The man looked on the computer and using this information, said one pair of sunglasses had been turned in at that locker area. He took Barry there to see if they were mine.

Increible! Barry came out with my sunglasses AND Janet.

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