Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Tale of the Snake

This is another tale of Barry trying to kill me and make it look like an accident. In his defense, I do follow him around and set myself up for trouble. 

During all the recent rains, we were getting out of the car in the garage. My golf shoe bag was open on the floor of the garage (drying out from another rain). As Barry was getting out of the car in the dim garage, he said "There is a snake in that bag." Keep in mind, this is the guy that cannot see a six foot exit sign on the freeway in the best of light, so I do not know how he noticed a dark snake, in a dark bag, in a dark garage. It's one of those things he does to baffle me. 
The snake noticed Barry too and tried to slither away. But Barry corralled him. 

We had a discussion on what kind of snake it was, and my intelligent comment was it was too big for the garage. Only little garter snakes are allowed in the garage. Rule breaker!!

Barry set off to set him free. I thought I might film the release. Little did I know that Barry planned to release the snake just a few feet away in our bushes. I was thinking the golf course would be better. 
So as I stopped Barry from releasing the snake, somehow the snake flew off backwards toward me. 
See how this works? It looks like an accident, only happened when I was telling him what to do.  

I am attaching the recording. It is pretty awful, as I was keeping my eye on the snake and Barry. But, you can hear what happened. It's always good to have proof-just in case.  (PS- no snakes were injured in the making of the video. The snake escaped, possibly scared, also.)