Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Very Short List

This is one of those days that might have been better to say nothing at all, since I have nothing to say. But, in an effort to keep up my schedule, I made a little list.

1. The pool has warmed up enough to swim now.

2. Michelle and Cora are coming to stay with us over the weekend. Miles has to go out of town. We have the upstairs ready for them. By that I mean that I dusted, cleaned, and vacuumed it yesterday. (Joanie and Jacob- I will do that for you too!)

3. We went to the opening night of the Fort Worth Cats game. Several of us went to support our friend, Mike Stone.

4. Last weekend we went to San Antonio for a veterinarian meeting. There was time for golf too.

5. The four baby bluebirds are growing. They will leave without saying goodbye, I just know it. 

Tomorrow there may be a list of one. 


  1. Man that pool looks inviting. Who is your pool boy?

  2. The pool does look nice! And those blue birds are getting big.