Friday, June 1, 2012


1. As far as we know the baby titmouse is just fine. After he dried off, he flew away.

2. The baby bluebirds are getting ready to fledge. I have a photo of one peaking his head out of the house. I am just too lazy to download it off my camera.

3. Thank you, Alice, for your support of my post. It was fun to read that comment to Barry.

3. All the kids and grand kids will be around this weekend. You have been forewarned for some upcoming family photos, I am sure. As a warm-up here are a couple.

Baby Cora

Baby Cora would rather sleep in our arms (or at least that's what I tell myself.)

4. Enjoy your weekend and the beginning of June!


  1. You look fantastic, Jan!

  2. You do look fantastic!! And, that baby girl is gorgeous! ( like the rest of the family) also, please email me the Schneider's address!

  3. Precioius. Look at that hair. (Both yours and hers look great.)