Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oye, It's So Humid, Yet Nice

Today, we decided to go Xel-Ha. We have been there in the past, but that was many, many years ago. I have to say, they have done a great job at this park. Also it was a big plus that there are very few people in the area right now. They say it can be crazy, crowded and that is not for me.

I hesitate to write this next part, because I know my family and friends are suffering through the heat in Texas. However, the humidity is pretty bad here right now. The good thing is, the temperature is not that high. So, we are sweating, but not passing out from heat stroke.

The only reason I mentioned the humidity is that we could hardly change into our bathing suits at Xel-Ha, because we were so sticky. I got my bathing suit half on and then it got stuck. I was beginning to panic that I would have to stay in the dressing room forever.

When we arrived, they were training the dolphins.

Then we happened by the manatees while they were training them and having a manatee experience. I don't want to talk anyone out of the manatee experience, if they want to do it, but the following pictures pretty much shows it all. I am not sure how much personality a manatee has, but I believe I caught most of it.

Here is a close up up of that snout.

Then the couple participating in the manatee experience got to hold his flippers.

Then they just swam around with the manatees. And, that's all folks, for the Manatee Experience.

Next up was snorkeling.
We had not gone far when we came upon a barracuda swimming toward us. Camera settings and trying to get out of his way only gave us this photo.

And this.

The other photographs came out better.

I loved this little school of fish. Barry shot the photos and Chris provided the underwater camera.

Lastly, we went on an Eco Walk and learned about plants and more about Mayans.

Here, we all are in our traditional Mayan clothing.

The caps and visors are a nice touch.

Oh, it just started raining, so we will probably have a little break from the humidity. Sorry. But, it is especially good for me since I think I left my sunglasses in the dressing room during the bathing suit freak- out.

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