Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Diverse Day

 Yesterday morning the golf course actually looked somewhat serene, not just blazing hot.

 Of course, it was early and this has nothing to do with this post and it did get blazing hot. (Sorry, that was a really bad sentence.)

This was my breakfast and lunch yesterday.

Yum, Yum. I decided to have a pesky abdominal pain checked out before we left on a trip. Everything was fine. I am very healthy. That is all good news. Why doesn't it feel good to spend the money to find that out? Life is strange.

Then we headed to the Ranger game. The wind picked up, the temperature dropped, but the humidity did climb. It rained on the concrete at I-20 and 360.

This photo was taken through the windshield, so the sky came out darker. But, there were clouds with sunlight filtering through, like the cover of a religious magazine. 

We were hoping this was a good sign for the Rangers.

It was Dollar Hot Dog Night. Nolan had cooked a lot of hot dogs. We thought it would be rude not to eat some.

I can't imagine why I have abdominal pains sometimes.
Just as we settled into our seats, a foul ball headed our way. All I know is I heard Barry say,
"Oh, s__t", and I ducked and covered. All those atomic bomb drills of the sixties come in handy at times like this.

Since the foul ball and catch by a fan near us was about the most exciting thing about the whole game, it was caught on television. Can you find us?

There we are. We were very happy that the guy three people down from us caught the ball. The people that look even happier had already had a lot of beers. They were just happy all evening.

This was an interesting section. There were die-hard fans, drunks, and families with cute kids. But, they all loved the Rangers. Those are definitly #1 fan earrings. 

The people watching was good. The baseball was bad. Even BBoy McCoy couldn't save the Rangers.

I have to say where else but America can you have your insides examined and go to a baseball game, all in the same day?


  1. Oh, those are some great pictures! I laughed at your "religious magazine cover" and "atomic bomb drill" comments, too. You're funny!

  2. You are indeed! Enjoyed you post, as always.

  3. Those yummy smoothies were worth the price of being told you're okay....I'm glad! Another friend also posted the religious magazine cover. I see you in the pictures, but where's Waldo? I will not make you any earrings like're on your own at the ballpark gift shop.