Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Winner and Answers

There was really no rhyme or reason why I chose the films I did. Of course I like all of them, but they wouldn't all be on my top ten list. That's why I wanted to see your favorites.

The Winner is :Jacob!
However Joe will receive a scratch-off for being the first to answer and coming in second in the drawing.

Here are the answers:

1. Love it!

2. Barry's favorite and Kurt Russel is in it!

3. Funny!
4. Oh my!

5. Romance personified.

6.The film where I fell in love with Kurt Russell.

7. Before Tom went to the darkside. (at least publicly.)

8. Mel Brooks at his best. No one is safe from his humor.

9. I must have gone to the theater a zillion times to see this movie.

10. I could watch this a million times. Very clever writing, funny, and sweet.

11. Just a fun movie.

12. Brendan Fraser-Encino Man, Harvard Student, Prep School Outcast, George of the Jungle-I like him.

13. Who could forget the Alamo?

14. A great story. Made reading fun again for children and adults.

15. Either one would work. Both are great. Have kleenex ready.

16. Either you get it or you don't.

17. Did every little girl want to be Hayley Mills?

18. Love me some gangster movies, and it is mob week on AMC.

19. Maverick-come back to us! I still don't know how Kelly McGillis got that part, but thank goodness for Meg Ryan.

20. I loved Cliff Robertson and was glad to see him in this movie. For you younguns', Robertston was a big actor in his day and then he got blacklisted. "In 1977, Robertson discovered that his name had been forged on a $10,000 check, although it was not money that was due to him. He also learned that the forgery had been carried out by Columbia studio head David Begelman, and on reporting it he inadvertently triggered one of the biggest Hollywood scandals of the 1970s. Robertson was subsequently blacklisted for several years before he finally returned to film in Brainstorm (1983)." There are gangsters everywhere in the world.



  1. Great way to start a Wednesday!

    Blazing Saddles is a good one and would maybe break the top ten.

    Thanks Jan. The emailed links really help me to stay up to speed with posts.