Monday, August 8, 2011


The other day, Michelle paid Barry and I a compliment by saying we had a perfect marriage.
I actually laughed a little to myself when she said it. Well, she should have been here this morning when Barry was trying to open up a Quicken file on his new computer and with my help, we lost his data.

Let's just say an argument ensued.

We were very adult about it though. I attacked his Quicken program and, he attacked the iDisk.
Notice neither of us felt it was user error. Actually, we both knew it was user error, but it is much easier to blame programmers that know much, much more than us.

Later this afternoon, I think I found the back-up. I am waiting for Barry to get home and see if his data is all there. Keep your fingers crossed.

Michelle, the secret to a perfect marriage-back-up your data in more than one place and name your files.


  1. Bob (aka Fred) and I get frustrated with each other all the time about stuff on the computer, mostly because he clicks on inappropriate things like fake anti-virus programs, but he recreated the spreadsheet I was entering my sales info into when our computer fried last year. I waited until after I'd done the taxes to correct the non-numerical typos. I guess I'll keep him.

  2. If you can survive technology glitches, you can survive anything