Friday, August 5, 2011

This and That Friday

This morning I played golf with some friends. It was fun. We started at 7:30. That is the time I am usually in bed, drinking my coffee, and reading blogs. That is my favorite way to start the day. I could be an adult and read the news first, but the news has been depressing since about 2008.  So I read blogs. But, this morning, I was on the golf course. We finished before it got too hot, so that was another reason it was fun.

To tell you the truth, I learn a lot from blogs. Not necessarily how to change the world, but how to do other things. For example, that is where I got the prototype for the pegboard in my office and the wrapping station in my laundry room. (more on that later)
 I found the pictures, and Barry built them for me. That is what I call learning. Now, you can't say that is not a great way to start a day.

This week Joanie and one of her friends listed some of their favorite things. I was honored to be mentioned in Jennie's list. I made her a letter for her nursery.

Just about everything on Joanie's list could also be included in my favorite things, except her Garmin. I am not talking about the one for her car. I am talking about the one for her arm that she uses to run.
RUN, I said. Barry and I are still in shock at Joanie's love for running. One time in her youth, we had to promise her a Dooney and Burke purse if she ran a mile.

Brett runs too. He may deny it, but he was not a runner either. His running, I attribute to Shannon. Joanie's- I just lay awake at night and wonder. I am proud of them both and wish I was a runner. I am sticking with my "I am a child of the fifties" excuse on this exercise thing. Girls were not encouraged to be athletic. I am a product of my environment.

This morning, on my way to the golf course, Julie, the token thirty-something in our book club, jogged by saying hello. She was not even sweating, and she was a long way from her house. She also has a perfect ponytail. It is like this without the feather. I could never get my ponytail to look like that no matter how long I grew my hair. I have this shrinkage and widening problem ( all at the same time) with my hair. In other words, it just gets big. Also, I don't get that feather thing. If you are going to accessorize, you must use rhinestones!

Last, but not least, I have not heard from our two giveaway winners. Jacob nor Joe, must have won big bucks on their scratch-offs. That would have made Friday fun too. Oh well, you can't win if you don't try. Maybe next time.


  1. I would like to say that I had to run a mile in under 8 minutes or something. And it wasn't that I didnt like running it was that I would run with Dad before school & didn't have time to shower.

    Also, I really really want a feather. Where do you even buy them?

    Jacob hasn't received his winnings yet. Keep your fingers crossed for a big payoff!

  2. Oh, I guess they didn't actually go out in the mail until Thursday.
    They put the feathers in at all the hair salons around here. Feathers are not sparkly. I am sure Ava would agree.

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  4. You could add glitter or sequins to the feathers, I suppose. I want some feather earrings. Hey, why don't I make some feather earrings? I have some peacock feather earrings (actually, they're Jennifer's and she got them at the FW Zoo about 20 years ago), but I think those are supposed to be unlucky, aren't they? So, if I make feather earrings, I'm going to make you some, too. :)

  5. Feathers are for the birds.

    I like the feathers, too, but I just wanted to say that.

  6. My hair salon does feathers and tinsel. You could have your feather and some sparkle too.

  7. I got my scratch off on Friday. Sad to say I didn't win.