Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today we left to go to Akumal. We didn't bring the whole family this trip ( guilt, guilt).

We did bring, (ta-da)- The Olers.

Pat and Jennifer are former Mansfieldites, and we were so glad they could come with us. We don't get to see them enough any more.

Today has been mainly a travel day.

Barry and the man next to him became friends on the plane.

Barry liked him enough to show him some magic tricks.

And you know he doesn't do that for just anyone.

Right now we are adjusting to absolutely no breeze. I think that Irene has sucked all the wind out of the sky. I am glad she is not here, but we could stand a little breeze off the ocean.

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  1. Wish we all could be there. I know Dad does, too...

  2. This is Michelle - I guess Miles was signed in!