Friday, September 2, 2011

The Amazing Sunglasses Story

Have you been wondering what happened to us? Did you think that we had disappeared into the jungles of the Yucatan? Were you sitting by the phone anxiously waiting for a call from Pancho Villa?

No? Well, you would be right. We have just been:
1. Eating
2. Playing Dominoes
3. Sightseeing
4. Shopping
5. Relaxing

We have ventured out to snorkel, but the past evenings storms have the water too churned up to see much. The thunderstorms have been so wonderful, though, that we didn't mind.

You might recall that I mentioned that I lost my sunglasses at Xel-Ha. Barry just knew if he went back there he could find them. He's the optimist, I am the skeptic. It is a big place.

So, on Wednesday, we showed the Olers some surrounding properties and looked at a new one being built by Bahia Principle.

Our real destination, though, was Tulum and then dinner at Ana and Jose's.

On the way to Tulum, we stopped at Xel-Ha so Barry could search for my sunglasses. Pat, Jennifer, and I knew there was another draw at Xel-Ha.

Her name is Janet, and it is not me. On Tuesday, Barry met her. Yes, she is a guide or information person. It did become a bit of concern though, when we saw her whispering in Barry's ear. We have been teasing Barry ever since.

Barry went to the lost and found. The lost and found official wanted to know-
1. What kind of sunglasses were they?
2. Where did we lose them?
The dressing room.
3. What color was our locker cord?

The man looked on the computer and using this information, said one pair of sunglasses had been turned in at that locker area. He took Barry there to see if they were mine.

Increible! Barry came out with my sunglasses AND Janet.

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