Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yesterday we spent the day fishing, kayaking,and going up a jeep trail.
Ollie loves to kayak.

Barry and I heading out on the kayaks.

Barry was the only one who caught a fish.

Later in the afternoon, We took the jeep up the Yankee Boy Trail.

It was a totally different view from our other jeep trip. The igneous rocks were rugged and filled with waterfalls. It was very pretty.

Barry and Jerry don't really listen to Kathy and me. (or each other for that matter) Here is Kathy saying "Didn't I just say that?" from now on we will refer to the not listening as "marshmallow". I will explain later.

The higher we went the narrower the road became.

Just like a ride at Six Flags ( or Astroworld for you Houstonians), we drove beneath waterfalls.

If this view looks familiar it is because these are the twin falls that appear in the Coors Beer ads. ( the falls in the background are actually the Twin Falls and the ones in the foreground are those falls coming through the rock. It was beginning to rain ( for the first time), and we opted to head back. We weren't really sure how close we could get to the Twin Falls either.

This is an example of the road. See the little rock and grass on the right. That's the edge of the mountain. (elev. around 12,000 feet)

So, now you need to know about Barry and Jerry on this trip.
Kathy is terrified of roads like this and I find them real scary. Kathy was a real trooper to even come along. So when Barry started making jokes about going off the side, I told him it was not funny when you were scared and to not to make comments like that. Then it was like he couldn't stop himself. One popped out of his mouth about every five minutes.

In between Barry's observations about how close to the edge we were, Jerry was asking Barry one maintenance question after another.
Don't you need bigger tires on this jeep?
Have you checked the radiator fluid?
Have you checked the transmission fluid?
Do you have a guard under the jeep to protect it from the rocks?
You need new windshield wipers.
Did you take the awning down on your RV before we left in case of a storm?

A fun time was had by all.

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  1. I could imagine the jeep ride a little too vividly. Almost like I've had the same experience with the same man - except I call him Dad! :) Be safe!