Monday, June 6, 2011

Beware-Bossy Briers

Four days with the whole family is rare for us. As those of you with married children know, they have their own lives-work and families. So when all of us can get together it is a treasured time. That is not to say there are not trying moments for us all. The words, "You're bossy" were said or thought by more than one person. (ages 2-...62)  Yes, we are bossy. However, we are used to our bossiness being met with indifference or disputed.  I am sure it is harder for the "in-laws". They probably would like to throttle us Briers. Hopefully they know we love them and that's just how we roll. We had a great time.  

My little girls. 

Joanie's little girl.

Some snacking!

Some jumping.

Some child throwing.

Some of the Esparza family.

Scarlett & Joanie (not Joanie's little girl)

Michelle & Lucy (not Michelle's little girl)

Miles and Ben (not Miles's little boy- are you confused yet?)

Baby Lucy Swaddlers-Scarlett & Shannon (not Shannon or Scarlett's little girl)

My favorite photo-Poppy, with one of his little girls


  1. Looks like a WONDERFUL time had by all in spite of the bossiness! LOL! And I LOVE the captions you use so we can keep everybody straight. So funny!

  2. It means a lot to spend some quality time together, and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting us all weekend.

    Ps. I'm not bossy. Stop saying I'm bossy. Hehe.