Friday, June 17, 2011

Hell Has Frozen Over

It may not feel like it, but hell truly must have frozen over. Barry asked me to go with him to get the RV yesterday so he could check it out. While he does this periodically because he enjoys piddling around with it, this time he had a purpose. We will be leaving on an RV trip soon, and he wanted to do a maintenance check for the TRIP.  
In all of our years of marriage, Barry has not really been known for car maintenance.
Usually, when the kids were getting ready to drive back to school, Barry would stop them, so he could check the car’s oil and the air in the tires. Having the car ready before we left on a trip was never a priority
Here is the exact moment hell froze over, everyone. 

Yesterday, imagine my amazement, when Barry filled the RV and the jeep up with gas for the trip (many days in advance). I don’t believe this has ever happened in thirty-six years. 
What brought this on? It certainly wasn't my nagging him about it. 

(I am not saying, I didn't nag him about it. I'm saying it didn't do any good.)

 Tomorrow, I will reveal my theory. 


  1. Obviously, Barry is REALLY looking forward to this trip! Where are y'all going? Or did you already say, and I missed it? Ha!

  2. Really! Hell freezing over...give me a break. Anybody reading this knows I'm kind of a shade tree mechanic. I even listen to car talk weekly. I could go on & on but I have to go change my spark plugs. Do cars still have spark plugs? Okay then I'll add some wind shield washer fluid. Maybe.