Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Part 2 of Last Week

Later in the week, Barry’s aunt and uncle stopped by for a visit. Melvin and Carole were heading back to Las Vegas after visiting family in Houston. 
Joanie, Jacob, Ava, and Lucy had visited with them in Houston, so the kids in this area headed over to our house to see Mel and Carole. We didn't get a photo of Miles, he was here for awhile, but had to go back to work. 

Carole, Barry, Melvin

Bobby floating

"I wonder if there is something I can eat in there?", Bobby asks himself.

Michelle, Mel, and Carole
Michelle and Melvin were pen pals when Michelle was in elementary school.
Their letters were so cute. 
I even got in a picture!

Shannon smashed her finger. She was a real trooper about it.
Those chairs have been known to inflict a lot a pain on people's fingers and toes.

Scarlett loves her corn on the cob!

She also loves to have her teeth flossed. 
Brett, Ben, and Mel
It has been great to have everyone here the past couple of weeks. I hope everyone comes back soon, but before they do, we have a little RVing to do. So stay tuned...

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