Friday, June 24, 2011

The First Twelve Hours

It all began at 5:00 am this morning. (actually we were up by 4:30) We left our house and drove to the RV's. Jerry reached into his pocket to find he did not have the keys to his RV. Frantically, the search for the keys began in the dark. We drove back to the house and searched. The bed of the truck was searched again. Jerry and Barry took off to go to the gas station where they filled up Jerry's truck last night thinking they were dropped there. A few minutes later, they were back. Jerry remembered he had put them in his Dobbs Kit. So an hour later, we headed back to get the RVs. However, once arriving, Jerry lost his keys again.

Another twenty minute search ensued and, Barry found them.
Kathy was not a happy camper. I felt betrayed. I was counting on you, Jerry.

Barry could not be happier that he had nothing to do with this morning's fiasco. So happy, he wore nail clippers around his neck.

He almost left his coffee on the jeep though.

The Panhandle is dry and windy. Holding the RV on the road has been hard.

Bingo rounded up a cow.

Barry lost a tooth.

It really is not a front tooth. We just fooled you with a chocolate chip. He did break a crown in the back though.

Kathy let a family use the bathroom in their RV at a roadside park.
I don't think they even use that bathroom.

We just drove by a feed lot. Pee Eew. I wonder how far away from the Pioneer Woman's house their cattle live? It could be quite stinky. Why does horse manure smell better than cow manure?

It is hot. How did we ever take car trips without air conditioners? Here's a little tidbit. Neither Barry nor I had air conditioning in our car when we got married.

Here's another fact. There is a record high in Amarillo today. 108 degrees!

Onward into New Mexico.

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  1. Jerry loses keys? I guess he can be forgiven since he can apparently do everything else (does everything else include dental work perhaps?).

    How did we get anywhere without air-conditioned cars? I had an MG when we got married. I was always hot and windblown or cold or wet.

    Have a great trip!

  2. Good times. I really wish we were with you. Something tells me it might not be as enjoyable for you though. :)

  3. How funny!! Hope things have been smooth since the start.