Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Long and Windy Road

Yesterday was another long day of driving. We left Santa Rosa, NM and drove to Ridgeway State Park in Colorado. The prettiest part of the drive was through the pass from Durango to Ouray. However, that was the hardest part of the drive also. There were steep grades that made us wonder if the Cozy Cottage would make it. At times we were barely going ten miles per hour uphill and trying not to go over that downhill! Barry commented he had never seen such a long stretch of road without guardrails. It was a sheer drop off.

One good thing about going so slow is that I could take photographs for your viewing pleasure. (ha)

Barry and Jerry were especially beat by yesterday evening. So, we all agreed today would be a "take it easy day". The morning started out hectic as Barry decided to change sites.

However, it was worth it because we are closer to this view.

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  1. I'm sure glad you all decided to match your spouse for the photographs. :)

  2. Be careful coming down, please!