Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday on the Mountain

This morning Barry and I headed out for (can you guess?) some birdwatching. We are actually hoping to spot a Lazuli Bunting.

It would be a lifer for us. Wait, wait don't leave yet. I'll stop talking about birds.

We didn't spot one but enjoyed our morning. We were on the Uncompahgre River.

We watched some fly fisherman.

Saw a chimpmunk.

Then I took this picture to see if you could tell what is was.

The Bergers went over to the national forest for breakfast with some of their friends that are staying there. When we all returned back to the campground, we loaded up in the jeep for a ride over the mountain to Telluride.

This ranch is for sale. Do you think the view is nice enough?

All I can say it was beautiful on the Last Dollar Trail. There is no access in the winter in this area, but the people who have ranches up there are in paradise a few months a year.

Pastures of flowers.

This lady just happened to ride by. How idyllic!

This was a canopy of Aspen trees over the trail.

Telluride was not really what we were expecting. I think Tom and Katie Cruise and Oprah don't want a lot of people hanging out there. It really is fine. Just seems like a new town, not a mountain town.

There was a pet shop selling cord leashes for $51.00.Barry was appalled.

Then we ran into some bicyclist going cross country. How do they do it?

One more observation. It is bright, sun daylight here for at least fourteen hours a day. The locals say it is dark here during the days in the winter and cabin fever is bad. Think about that before you buy the ranch.

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  1. Sounds like fun. You need to buy that ranch.

  2. What amazing views!

    I was going to guess a trunk/roots of a tree, too...