Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Beginning of the Blog-Never Say Never

This blog began when we bought our RV, affectionately called the Cozy Cottage. I had said we would never get an RV. I said, "Barry could RV with his next wife."  In a weak moment, Barry, Mary, and Bob convinced me that it would be great. Then Mary and Bob sold us their RV. I felt hoodwinked twice in one transaction.

This photo was taken on our first camp out. We just went down the road a bit to Joe Poole lake to try it out.

The purchase of the RV led to the purchase of the scooter.

Over the next few years, we went to Arkansas,


and the Lower Rio Grande Valley. More trips and the need for more transportation led to the purchase of the jeep.

There was a fun football weekend. See how cozy that little RV is?

 And then the Cozy Cottage began to feel even cozier on longer trips to South Dakota, Yellowstone, and the Tetons.

And, although she made it going up some mountain passes in Colorado, it was a little nerve racking for the driver and slow going for the people behind us.

So, the decision was made to sell the Cozy Cottage. I will admit, I enjoyed it. I started my blog so the kids could follow us. We stayed in beautiful places and had fun with friends. 

Now we are in the process of deciding what to do next? We are both supposed to be making a list of what we want in our next camper. I have pointed out that we could fly first class and stay at a 5 star hotel for what RV'ing cost, but apparently, there are places that only a RV can go. Plus, I hear, one may need kayaks in order to enjoy those places. I don't know where this is leading, but I wont be saying "Never". 


  1. As your insurance agent I hope you keep buying RV's and things that need insurance to go along with it!

  2. I guess you wouldn't have beautiful photos of all those lovely places if you'd put your foot down firmly about the Cozy Cottage. I don't know if I could overcome my claustrophobia sufficiently to travel in one.

  3. Well, obviously it has been too long since we have talked as I had no idea you were selling your RV. I will miss those travel blogs! Hopefully you will be able to continue to travel...and blog! Call sometime so we can catch up!

  4. I just am appalled to know that the people driving these RVs have had no training. The biggest change in my life since you guys got the cozy cottage is going from thinking that the people driving know what they're doing to knowing they don't :).

  5. You two have seen some great places in the Cozy Cottage! Great post!

  6. Hopefully our next RV will be called the "Roomy Cottage"!