Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Avoiding a Saga

This post was going to be a saga about dealing with Internet and cable companies. But, I just couldn't put myself (nor you) through that. So, I am going to a warm and fuzzy place instead -Pets.

I decided it would be fun to photograph some of the pets in my neighborhood.
I like to photograph my own pets, but it is kind of like working with your own children. They are never as clean, brushed, or cooperative as I would like them to be. Notice how Magic has grass in the fur on his face?

Or how Bingo gives me that "Leave me alone, you ruined my life by bringing Magic into the family" look?

So I recruited a couple of friend's pets. First was Sugar. 

Sugar belongs to Bob and Mary, which along with Barry, were the main topics in early posts of this blog. Look at that happy face. She is a 'wonder' dog, but that too is another story.

This is Traxx. Traxx was a super model. He loved having his photograph taken. He is a Pixie-Bob cat that belongs to Mary Jane. He has a thumb. See them there below? 

He also has a bobbed tail, spots and amazing eyes.

I'm not sure what those eyes are saying at the moment, but they are so cool.

This is definitely a project I need to do again.


  1. Those are some great photographs! And, the cat's thumbs are crazy!!

  2. Getting good with that camera. Kind of reminds me of channel 5. They always go to the animal stories when they want to improve their ratings.