Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two Weeks

That is how long I was down and out with bronchitis. This is not an official SOOF blog, but I am thinking that the ability not to bounce back from an illness quickly does Smack of Old Fart. Other members of the family have been a little down and out also.

First, Bingo was under the weather.

 His illness kind of SOOF, because he is getting older. He just wasn’t himself. But, he is under Barry’s care, so I know he will be fine.

Magic was doing fine.

 He was being himself and that is what got him into trouble. He thinks all people and dogs love him. Well, there was a German Shepard that did not love him. Magic and his owners were totally to blame for this skirmish. Honestly, I should just say Magic’s owners were responsible, because, after all, Magic is a dog. We would like to think he has listened to us and learned from us, but again, he is a dog. Luckily, he did scurry away and only had a wound near his eye. 

Yesterday, they both seemed to be content just keeping each other company and taking it easy. 

It is nice to have someone to cuddle with when you are having a bad day, isn’t it?

Next Week, Pat is back with a Smacks of Old Fart. That always makes ones day better, doesn’t it?


  1. I'm sorry it's been a rough couple of weeks for you and Bingo and Magic. I hope everyone is all better so you can enjoy the nice weather.

  2. Poor pups! I need to hear more about these incidents. Also, I'm so glad you feel better.