Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There are going to be a few changes inside the BrierPatch blog. It has become increasingly difficult to make a weekly post on certain days. There will still be an occasional Media Monday, Tech Tuesday, and  (sniff-sniff) Smacks of Old Fart Wednesday.

SOOF won't be written EVERY Wednesday???
That makes me so sad.

Sometimes the bloggers are real busy. Uhmmm... Tomorrow's blog will be an example of how busy we are.

So for now, you will just be surprised.

Now on to Tech Tuesday.

Barry and I spent a couple of hours at the Apple store yesterday, trying to find an app that was deleted from his computer. Actually, I lost it. It had to do with me changing his iTunes store Apple ID from one to another. The lesson learned was to remember all your passwords to all your IDs. Do that and you can retrieve anything. Barry and I usually don't fool with each other's computers or accounts for this very reason. Main lesson- don't touch other people's computer.

You may be thinking it was just an app, but it was his iBird app and as apps go it was more money and his favorite. Mainly it was the principle of having to buy it again. It would have been much easier in the long run to just repurchase it. (which is what he ended up doing) Oh, and his music was gone too. I really didn't want to admit that. He had a backup, so it was okay. (another lesson-back-up)

Since my brain is in pain, and I have no tech knowledge, I will just share a few of my favorite apps.

Audible- I listen to a lot of books. I could download the books and listen to them through iTunes, but I like to listen with the Audible app. I just find it user friendly with its chapter navigation, wireless download, and sleep mode. 
Timer on the iPhone
There is a timer mode on the iPhone to stop playing, but I like the all in one access on Audible for books. But, if you are listening to Stitcher or downloaded podcast you may want to use the time mode on the iPhone. Here is how:
Open the Clock
Open timer
Set the time
Touch When Timer Ends
Scroll all the way to the bottom and choose Stop Playing

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader- Take a photo of your receipts and keep track of your expenses. You are limited to the number of free receipts. Then it can get costly. I only have the free app, so I might have to just photograph receipts with my phone, email them to myself, and put them in a spreadsheet. If I was in business and had to turn in expense reports, though, I might invest in this app. 

WorldCard- This is an app that I bought after trying the free one. Photograph a business card and it puts the information in your contacts. Depending on the graphics on the card, some of the information can go into a wrong space, but it is much easier to delete than type everything into your contacts. I use this a lot. If you are in business, you need this app.

iBird- This app is 50% off right now. So... if you are a birder, get this app. It works on the iPhone and iPad. Even if you are a backyard birder, they have an iPad app here. You get  photos, drawings, range, sounds, and lots of information.

1Password Pro- This one was recommended to us today at the Apple store. I wonder why?

Let me reiterate the valuable advice for this Tech Tuesday-

1. Remember all your IDs and passwords.

2. Keep your hands on your own computer.

3. Back-up.

4. Thank goodness for a patient husband.


  1. From Becky-I am sooooo techie. I've had a password app ever since we went to Florida in Feb. and Tom's cousin --Tom told me to get it. I LOVE it. Seems like I am always being asked to change my password for some reason and this is so easy to keep up with. Also has a place to keep credit card info, ss #s, etc.

  2. Thanks for the advice! Definitely need to get the password app. Such a cute picture of Shorty.