Monday, September 24, 2012

PBS Television

The fall season begins and possibly I have officially become an old because most of the CBS, ABC, and NBC line ups do not interest me. It seems, I really don't care to watch twenty and thirty somethings anymore.

There is one new show that I am looking forward to seeing, and it is on PBS. Another English show, called, Call the Midwife, premiers Septemeber 30th. This show takes place in 1950's London.

Watch Call the Midwife - Tease on PBS. See more from Call the Midwife.

While reading about Call the Midwife, I came across several recommendations for Doc Martin

Doc Martin has been on for several seasons, so I am beginning with Season One. This show is about a surgeon who gives up his practice in London and moves to a village to be their general practitioner. His social skills are lacking and the village is full of "characters." I am watching on Netflix to catch up. If you have Amazon Prime, it is free to view there. Plus, you can get a month of Amazon Prime or Netflix for a free trial. 

This Sherlock Holmes series from PBS is also very good. This is a modern day Sherlock Holmes. It is not the blockbuster, special effects Sherlock Holmes from the movies. It is well written and enjoyable to watch. Again, you can watch Season One and Two on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I did not see it while it was being shown on the network, but am thoroughly enjoying it now. 

In case you are wondering, we do pledge to PBS. 

What shows will you be watching? 


  1. I want to check out the Sherlock series!

  2. This is an appeal to ask readers of this blog to comment. Jan doesn't think anyone reads it. However, people mention to me all the time about things they have read on her blog. So, let her know. ps: sponsors welcome. You must go through her!

  3. I love Doc Martin, but didn't discover it until season 3, so I need to go back and catch up. I noticed on Netflix the other day that they've finally added season 5. I can't wait for season 6 to show up on PBS.

    And I just watched the second episode (missed the first) of Call the Midwife and loved it.

    For the last couple of years I've almost exclusively watched CBS and PBS. Are there other networks? Going on two years without cable and the only thing I miss is HGTV, but not really all that much. :)