Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SOOF Wednesday

Since many of you emailed and asked, (and when I say many, I mean no one), why there were no posts last week, it was because we were busy.

When I asked the younger members of my family a short while back to list what makes them think "Old Fart", they all sent me several examples. I chose from those, but Shannon sent hers in too late for the post.

However, her comment must be addressed, because it is true. She said, "The inability to do more than one thing a day." I am afraid she may be right.

I don't know when this happened, because I used to do A LOT in one day. I worked, juggled three kids and their schedules, cooked, and cleaned, just as other moms and dads do.

Now it is an all day affair to do the laundry or clean up my office. How did this happen?
I know Shannon was not just talking about me. Several of my retired friends and I have talked about this oddity that takes place during this time of our life. Why one of the old fart authors himself couldn't write last week because he was spending time with his grandchildren.

Too busy to write a post
Pat and his granddaughter

Isaac and I headed to the coastal region of Texas.

Well, spending time with my grandchildren is my excuse too. I was in Houston with Lucy and Ava. We were busy and there was not much quiet time for writing.

Lucy and I mugging for the iPhone camera.

Ava turned four last week. I brought in gifts from Miles and Michelle and us.

The microphone was a big hit-with Ava. Joanie said, "Ava, we will have to write Aunt Michelle a special thank you note for this gift."

Do not let this face make you think Ava didn't like this Little Pony DVD. I meant to destroy it before I left Houston. I don't know why the makers of these children shows have to make the voices so irritating. Are they just trying to make grown people and puppies cry? The government needs to use this to torture prisoners. Or, maybe I was just past doing my one thing a day limit.

Lucy was too busy juggling calls and looking chic to bother with those Ponies.

I figured if ponies were popular, we might as well do them right. So off we went to the carousel. (actually, Joanie suggested it)

Oh the joy! 

So even though spending time getting one thing accomplished a day, or even a week, does SOOF, it can be very rewarding.


  1. Those carousel pictures are great. Thanks for coming & helping. What would we do without our old farts?

  2. Such a true old fart observation. I would also like to mention that Joanie told me Ava wanted a microphone, but it is especially fun to buy my nieces and nephew loud gifts. Do you think they will be paying me back in the future?

  3. Darn that Shannon...she's found my ONE old fart trait!

    I would like to strangle the person who does the voice of Map in "Dora the Explorer". Kaylee is obsessed with watching it endlessly. I have to make her wait until late afternoon just to protect my sanity.

    The carousel pictures are totally terrific, as is the Isaac shot.