Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Smacks of Old Fart Wednesday

Jan and I went to IHop the other evening. We just wanted to have breakfast for supper. No that’s not what Smacks OF Old Fart. Jan pointed out to me they had a “senior menu” with cheaper prices. I was trying to compare the entrees from the main menu page to the entrees on the senior page. Here is where the SOOF situation began. 
  1. My glasses were in the car so I couldn’t really read the menu too well. I was squinting so I asked my wonderful wife to read some of the descriptions to me.  
  2. I was having trouble telling the difference between the “Split Decision Breakfast” and the “Rise ‘N Shine Breakfast”.  
  3. Jan had to point out that the only difference was the price. 
  4. I still almost ordered the wrong one. Jan saved me.
  5. They did not card me. How did the waiter know I didn’t have a fake id?
  6. The bill took me by surprise. I thought I was undercharged. Got into a discussion with the cashier. It turns out they gave me the senior price; the second senior meal free (that was for my SOOF spouse). Then another 10% off for being a senior. Who knew? I would have made a fake id a long time ago if I had known. I don’t think we could have cooked this meal at home for less money. Also, we didn’t have to clean up.
  7. The only thing that kept this meal from really being a SOOF experience.  It was 7:30 PM. Most old farts eat supper between 4-5PM. 

ps: You only have to be 55 yrs. old to qualify!

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  1. Now I feel that I was grossly overcharged for my late night breakfast a couple of weeks ago. Next time I'm going to call you to go with me! :)