Friday, July 13, 2012

The Family VaCa

This summer we will be going to Akumal for a family vacation. We have been going there for thirty three years. Our children were little bitty when we started going there.

Two years ago when we were there with the kids and grandkids, this is what they looked like.



Poppy flying a kite with the girls.

Ben swimming in Half Moon Bay.

This is what parents look like when they arrive back home.  (A tired, Joanie)
 Been there!

It will be fun to compare photos after this year's trip.


  1. Those kiddos couldn't be cuter, still! And themtwomadditions are just upping that factor. The picture of Joanie is priceless.

  2. It must indeed be a fabulous place if you've been going there for 33 years! Can't wait to see the pictures. HAVE FUN!