Monday, July 9, 2012

Media Monday-NOT

Our Fourth began by picking up Scarlett. She was staying with us for a few days. Ben was spending a few days with Shannon's parents, (Gene and Diane), and Scarlett was staying with us. Later in the day, we met Miles and Michelle over at his parents house for swimming, food, and fun.

Scarlett and sparklers-

Scarlett and Cora

Cora and her Fourth of July costume. I babysat Cora a couple of weeks ago and put her in this hat. Let this be a lesson to her parents to be careful with whom they leave their baby. (poor kid)

Barry happened to have a couple of days off during this time, so he, Scarlett, and I took an overnight trip to Houston.  Barry had not had a chance to see Jacob and Joanie's new house.   
We arrived Thursday.  Scarlett and Ava had huge hugs for each other.  We spent the afternoon swimming and playing. Sounds idyllic doesn't it.  That's because I totally forgot to tell you about some tantrums, competitiveness, hunger, and exhaustion issues, and a summer virus that developed. (and I might not just be talking about the kids.)

Ooh, and, of course, the car trouble. Friday, after a morning at the pool, we were off to lunch.  Barry and I were going to follow Joanie and the kiddos and leave for Mansfield after eating.  Everyone was loaded into their car seats, but Barry's car wouldn't start. Since he was parked behind Joanie, we had to push him out of the driveway.  Joanie and I were very impressed with our strength  when we kept the Tahoe from rolling forward. Then Barry pointed out that at that point he had the break on, so that burst our strength bubble.  
Once the Tahoe was out of the way, and we were back from lunch, Barry spent the rest of the afternoon, removing the battery, going to buy another battery, and putting it in the car.  
All of this could be a precursor to our family' trip.  Just add one more kid, a baby, and four more adults to the scenario.  Probably you should throw in some extra humidity and tiredness. When the time comes, a fun time will be had by all. 

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  1. I'm so glad y'all got to go to Houston! Love seeing these adorable pictures. I also think that picture of Cora is hilarious and adorable! You can dress her up anytime you babysit.