Monday, July 23, 2012

Tech Tuesday-For A Three Hour Tour

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship. 


This is an odd Tech Tuesday and starts about a month ago.  I mentioned to Jan that a new iPhone case had come out called a LifeProof case

(I later found out they had been out awhile and I am just behind the curve in my techi-ness). I told her I would be happy to test one out and write a blog post if LifePoof sent her a free case since she has such a large iPhone user following. Little did I know she had already gotten me one for my birthday. Awesome for me. The case came with instructions that were made much easier to follow by videos found at various Internet addresses that were included in the package. I finally got it on my iPhone after about an hour of videos and waiting through the empty water test.  Sounds odd but buy one, watch the video, and you'll get it. 
Well, I had been a chicken about throwing my LifeProof encased iPhone into a pool or the dog dish, which are some of the places my past cell phones had been.  I just didn't want to have to buy a new phone in case the case wasn't actually LifeProof. 
Fast forward to our family trip to Akumal, Mexico. We had gone fishing on Monday. We didn't catch anything so it was fine that I did not take my phone. We booked a trip for Thursday afternoon. We, being my brother in law, Miles, and I. We were certain that fish were in our future so I took my iPhone. I figured that a little salt water would be nothing for the LifeProof. 
The voyage started as most others do, blue skies and slightly choppy waters.  

Our crew of two, Abraham, the captain and his mate, Sergio, were keen to put us on some big Mahi Mahi. Not much happened until I turned east to see lightning out across the Caribbean. In broken Spanish I asked Sergio, "esta lluvia?"  (is it raining?). "Maybe in Cozumel" he replied. Within five minutes, I took some pictures of Miles as we headed back to Akumal Bay, just in case, with only the most vicious storm Mother Nature could punish us with between our dinghy and dry land.

Abraham asked if I wanted to store my iPhone in the dry box. Of course, I responded, "no necessito. es waterproof."
Things got pretty grim after that.
A mayday cell phone call was made by Abraham.  But it wasn’t until the life jackets were handed to Miles and I and Abraham and Sergio donned them, that I became truly concerned.  ten to fifteen foot swells, sideways rain and 50 mph winds threw our little fishing boat around and around on the sea. If it had been a full on hurricane, I am certain it would have been a Cat 5.  Since we had been trolling for Mahi Mahi, the throttle became stuck at trolling speed, which caused us to be tossed about for about 45 mins. For a least a few minutes there, when I couldn't see Miles just a few feet away due to the wall of stinging and resilient rain, I wondered if we would ever make it back.  But then I remembered that when death creeps around the corner when your not ready, just tell it "Not today, my friend." 
When we eventually made it back to shore, we were soaked from head to toe by the rain, wind and sea. Slowly, I lifted my iPhone from my chest pocket and saw that it too had survived the treacherous spoils of the sea thanks to my LifeProof case.  Had it not, I would not have been able to draft this post so quickly after our harrowing adventure. 
So you should buy one. I am fully convinced it would have filled a crack in the hull of our boat had that been necessary. The case is that tough. It may even save your life someday, or at least allow you to record your last moments for some else to find.  
Jacob C. Esparza

Note from Jan: LifeProof now makes a lifejacket for the cover. Maybe I should get Jacob one for his next birthday. 

Another note from Jan: This is a really odd Tech Tuesday, because I published it on Monday!

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  1. Jacob, love this fun and informative post. Mom, so glad to hear there is a life jacket for the phone, too!