Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Weeks Free App & Ben is Eight!

Just so you won't think I have totally altered my plans, here is a little tech tip. For you Angry Bird fans, this weeks free App is Angry Birds Seasons. Get it while it is free.

Now, this is really important!
Ben turned eight years old last week. Eight! I can't believe it. Shannon made him a Bass cake because he had spent last week fishing with his grandfather. The cake was perfect until someone accidentally hit  it with her finger trying to get a photograph that did it justice. That person smudged it right at the first gill mark and did not tell Shannon, hoping she wouldn't notice. But notice she did. Yikes, mother-in-laws are so much trouble.

The boys had fun and the cake was yummy. 

One, Two, Three...


Poppy, Ben, and Jama

Dad, Ben, Mom, and Scarlett

May all your birthdays be filled with this much joy, Ben!


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  2. Great cake! Great photos...especially the multi-boy jump! Happy Birthday, Ben!!

    Do I dare get another Angry Birds game? Maybe not.

  3. Ben is such a wonderful and happy child - great pics capturing the fun!