Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tech Tuesday- The Power of Technology

As it so happens in life, many things just come to us. This happens a lot with the Internet. Through social networks, we are able to keep connected with friends or reconnect with old friends. We also connect with people we don't even know and may never meet. Although it is only Tuesday, through the Internet, I have received two powerful, inspiring stories this week by way of technology. Both of these are from young people, who have already experienced "life" in difficult ways. However, they both are showing the world how to handle their trials and tribulations in inspiring ways.

First, comes from the sister of Courtney Bunfill, Kiki. Courtney died three years ago and her brother and sister were determined to remember her in a special way. You can find Kiki's story of the organization founded to honor their sister here.

Denise D. is a lifelong friend of mine and the mother of these amazing people. I know she is so proud of them all and what they are doing for others.

In yesterday's post, you may have noticed the darling young lady on the left in the Snow family photo. That is Diane. Diane and I have never met, but I am inspired by her. In years past, Diane was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, battled it, and gave birth to an adorable baby boy. She is again in battle with cancer, but as before, her attitude is moving to us all. 

Boy, a lot has happened since my last post in May.  Has it really been over a month?  Yes, yes it has!  I've been busy & wow, how much fun I've been having!  Let's see...my THREE girlfriends from Texas came to visit me.  I've been friends with these girls since the 6th grade & Megan since I've known her!  My older brother Preston made the journey....Greyhound bus and all and my sweet cousin, Cameron, came to San Diego to cheer up her cuz & keep me distracted from all the yuck.  God's been shining down on me during all of these visits.  I see him everywhere & sometimes in the most unexpected places.  While cancer sucks, we all know that....it has also allowed me some really spectacular moments.  I laughed so hard with my girlfriends on the beach in Ventura, rode some class three whitewater rafting runs with my brother & paddle boarded in the beautiful Pacific Ocean with my cousin.  I am pretty proud of myself for doing these things because some days my biggest accomplishment is just walking to the mailbox. 
Halfway is a mile marker for my chemo treatment.  Only three more rounds.  Dang, three more rounds.  I can do this, I can do this!  Symptoms have been the same just a little more intense as treatment goes along.  At one of my church service the message was about being bold.  Bold.  Sometimes its really hard to be bold & really scary.  When you have cancer you just want to blend in & be normal, not bold.  But when I hear these messages I am reminded that I was given cancer again to do more with it this time around.  If that means being bold than BOLD I will be.  Yesterday I ran an errand to Cost Co. & I chose not to wear a hat or scarf.  This was scary & a big step for me, but I did it!  Maybe...hopefully someone at the store saw me & I could inspire them or offer hope.  It is tiring being a slave to my hats.  I don't want to go in the front yard without something covering my head, if there is a knock on the door I have to run to find a hat, I'm always wondering if people can tell if I have cancer or if I just have on a cute hat.  My brain is always going.  So for me, that was very liberating & I'm sure I will do it again.  
This time around I know in my heart that I am called to do more.  This is my cause.  It wasn't a cause that I sought out & it is a cause that's sometimes hard to accept...but it is what it is & I need to make something grand of it.  Whether it be a new job, a mentor, a volunteer or just a friend to others I'm going to do my best to figure out where this trial is going to take me. 
Nichole, my sister-in-law will be here for my 4th round.  It isn't often that she and I get one on one time (well, one on 2 time - can't forget my little man) so I am looking forward to her visit.  Rumor has it that our big plans are going to be Ice Cream runs to Rite Aid & "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" movie marathons.  What more could a girl ask for?! 
Keep the prayers up yall!  Lots of love & Faith! 

I wouldn't have met these amazing people without the Internet. I'm glad their stories are there to inspire us all to be better people.


  1. I never knew I would enjoy reading blogs so much. Thanks for showing me a new one to tune into!