Thursday, June 28, 2012

Part One of Rambling Anecdotes

The only consistencies with Inside the BrierPatch have been the Old Farts, Pat and Barry. They haven’t missed their posts, and I am very proud of them. Me? Not so much. 
There was not a Tech Tuesday this week. Due to the fact that I am having a few technical difficulties of my own, I didn’t feel I should give out unsolicited advice this week.  

And, although it has passed, Father’s Day is just now making it to the blog. Two of Barry’s three children were in other places, so Michelle took the bull by the horns, and devised a Father’s Day activity. It was a group connected by, what else? Their children and grandchildren! 

Dave Appleton was working, but his daughter joined him for his special day. 

He took us to the owner's circle to view the horses. 

Then, it was down to the track to watch the race.

As the jockeys and the horses went to clean up,

we headed back inside.

Some youngsters gave their dads advice on a horse that they liked.

Some granddads just tried to pick the winning horse on their own. 

One method was as good as the other. After all, it's a horse race.
A fun time was had by all. Good planning, Michelle.

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  1. Love those pictures of the beautiful horses racing! It was a great time.