Friday, June 22, 2012

Bird Day and Birthdays

Yesterday was my little boy's birthday. He is thirty-four. However, when I close my eyes, this is what I see:

But, now he is a grown man with a family of his own. We are very proud of him. 

I love him.

And his family loves him. Shannon cooked a wonderful venison fried steak meal for Brett. 

(Scarlett loves him so much she let him wear her necklace!)
Happy Birthday, Brett.

Where do the birds come in, you might be asking yourself? (But probably not)

Well, it just so happens that yesterday we received a call from Chris, my brother. He had been riding his bike and was attacked by a Mississippi Kite. It swooped at him four times and hit him on the head twice. He did say he needed a hair cut and maybe the bird needed nesting material, but I think it was just being way over protective of its nest or young. 

Then, our friends the Bergers sent us photos of hummingbirds in Colorado. I believe it was Kathy that took the photos with her cell phone, which I totally do no appreciate. She should have to carry a camera and change lenses, all the while trying to get a good shot while Barry is telling her how to do it. (I mean, lovingly offering advice on how to get a good shot).

 Then, to add insult to injury, they took a photo of a moose and her baby!

Not to be outdone. I stood inside my window and took photos of the bluebirds with their babies from their second brood. Two babies show up a lot, and a third will make an appearance every once in a while. 

Father Bluebird with babies

Mother Bluebird watching the babies eat.

She looks proud, doesn't she? 

In this photograph, I think she is explaining to them that she loves them, but it is time for them to  become more independent. She has laid more eggs and is now expecting her third brood this year! 

June seems to be full of birthdays. It was also my great niece, Sidney's birthday yesterday.

And Prince William's. But we don't count William's, because he is just trying to fit into our family, and he does not. 

So happy Birthday to all, and happy birdwatching to all- and to all a good weekend. 

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  1. Of course I was wondering where the birds came in!

    Happy Birthday to Brett (who looks great in that necklace) and to Sidney (I'm a fan of little girls with violins) and even to Prince William.