Saturday, June 30, 2012

Part Two- Ancedotes

Last weekend we went to visit Smacks Of Old Fart author, Pat, and his better half, Jennifer, in Tyler.

We were their special guests. That is not their bear. That bear belongs to the Berkshire family and is in the Berkshire museum in Tyler.

As Old Farts do, we visited, ate, and played games.

Although it was not Rose Festival season, we went by the Rose Gardens. The roses were not looking their best, (yes, I know this is not a rose)

 but there was a darling group of kids at a Quincinera. 

While we were there, I missed the opportunity to take a photo of Pat and Barry to put on their Wednesday blog. Duh!

After Tyler, I headed to Houston, for a visit.  
First thing, Ava needed to play with my iPad. Her mom has the same games on her iPad, but they are more fun on mine. 

Lucy had her baby doll. She loves to carry it everywhere.

Ava planted a seed at vacation bible school. She just knew that it would grow really fast. 

But after a while she looked a little worried.

Lucy loves her dog Shorty. She always wants to know where he is, which is funny, because he is always near her. 

After a too short visit, I had to head home. However, the girls and I needed to wash my car before I could leave. Ava was in charge of the water. 

Lucy was in charge of the soap.

All was going well until Ava decided to turn the water on everyone. (Big Surprise)

Did they think this was supposed to be fun or something? "Back to work, you two!"

Good job, girls. You can wash my car anytime.  


  1. Thanks for coming to visit. It was great to see you.