Monday, June 4, 2012

Media Monday- JoeOntheTube Returns!

I’m a sucker for classic literature retold in a modern setting.  If you replace the swords and horses in Romeo and Juliet with guns and cars, or take Odysseus off the boat and put him in the 1930’s Depression era South escaping from prison it’s a guarantee that I’ll be the first in line to see it.  So when I heard about the new fall show Revenge on ABC which was a retelling of one of my favorite books, The Count of Monte Christo I was excited.  I’m sorry to say that Revenge had its last episode of the season this past week, but I thought that by writing this I could encourage you to catch up over the summer when there is nothing else worth watching on anyway.

If you’ve never read the original source material, The Count of Monte Christo (TCOMC), don’t let that deter you from watching this show.  In a nutshell, TCOMC is the story of a poor man wrongfully accused of treason and sent to prison by a rich and powerful family to cover up the fact that they were actually guilty of said treason.  In jail he plots his revenge and is educated by an old priest who also tells him the location of a vast fortune.  Upon his escape he retrieves the fortune and assumes the false identity of the fictitious Count of Monte Christo.  He then uses this vast fortune to exact revenge on those that wronged him.

Revenge follows a very similar storyline to TCOMC, it is the story of a young woman, Emily Thorne who’s father was framed for terrorism by a rich and powerful family the Grayson’s.  As a young girl Emily is sent away to numerous detention facilities and forgotten for the most part, only to be released at 18 and to find out she has inherited a huge fortune.  She assumes the identity of jet setting rich girl Amanda Clarke and becomes intertwined with the Grayson’s lavish lifestyle while plotting her revenge.  The twists come fast and furious the deeper she gets and the harder it becomes to separate her two identities.  

I haven’t said this yet, but let me make it clear, Revenge was the best show on TV last year.  It’s the type of show that hasn’t been around since Lost went off the air (If you didn’t like Lost, don’t worry, these two stories couldn’t be farther apart) full of mystery, excitement, romance, and plain old great story-telling.

It’s coming back in the fall so do yourself a favor and catch up on Revenge this summer on or HULU.  You will be glad you did, JoeOnTheTube promises.


  1. This is on my summer TV watching list for sure!

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  3. I'm excited to check this out. The previews never appealed to me, but this synopsis sure does!