Friday, October 1, 2010

The Three Cs of our Golf Trip

When I was in college, I wrote a paper called the Three Cs of Horsemanship. The Cs stood for Control, Coordination, and uhmmm.... I can't remember the third C. Since that is in the past, I won't dwell on trying to remember that last C.

The Three Cs from our Golf Trip stand for car, cataracts, and cat. (I'm not even going to comment on how times have changed.) When I got to Houston on Thursday, I popped my trunk, took out my suitcase, and my trunk would not close. So Friday morning, I took my car to McGinnis Cadillac near Joanie's house. They fixed the trunk latch, and I was good to go or so I thought.

Fast forward to Monday. We are now in the Woodlands and our Retired Couple Golf Tournament began. We had just completed the first hole. Barry went to write down the score and turned to me and said, "I can't see out of my left eye. It is all blurry."  We are such stellar athletes, we went on with the game and didn't let on to our partners that Barry was going blind.

After the round, Barry decided that maybe he should have his eye checked out in case it was a detached retina a stroke, or some other permanent blinding condition.  He was able to get in with an opthamologist in the Woodlands and discovered that he had a clouding behind his lens which is common after cataract surgery.

Relieved, we returned to the Drury Inn and planned on going to a movie later (even though Barry wasn't sure he could see it since his eyes were dilated).  After visiting with our fellow golfers, we went out to our car. The battery was dead. Cadillac Roadside was called and, when they arrived, they replaced the battery. We were good to go, but not to the movie. We just went to bed.

Have I mentioned what time we were getting up for golf? Breakfast was at 6:00am and we were at the course by 7:00. It was not even light! Obviously these people did not understand the meaning of retired.

Even though Barry had only one eye, and I am not a good golfer, we placed third on Monday and our teams (we were on separate teams the next day) placed First and Second on Tuesday. Our secret? Good team members!

When we arrived home Tuesday evening, Joanie's cat, Bailey, was nowhere to be found. Bailey has been living with us since they moved, so I think officially he could be our cat. Wednesday morning, I put up signs and spent the rest of the day calling Animal Control and animal clinics. Then I rode around calling for him and shaking cat food. No Bailey.

Wednesday morning at 6:00am he was at the front door. (did he think he was playing golf or something?) I imagine someone had taken him in, because he is friendly and pretty.
However, when he bit them at 5:00am to let them know he wanted to be fed, he was probably kicked out. So, I got up and went out to pick up all the signs I put out all over the neighborhood.

It is Friday evening. Barry had his eye zapped today to fix the clouding. The cat doesn't seem to be upset that he was missing for twenty four hours, and the caddy is starting. Now I would just like to be able to write about one C- a catnap for me!


  1. You would think your car would have a lot less problems than your RV!! I am glad you made it home safely and you found Bailey. Lets just call him our cat for now. :)

  2. Your retired life is never dull! Congrats on your golf wins, glad Barry's doing well, and Bailey's and sound. Maybe you should tell Barry it's time for a new car. :)

  3. Sounds like it was a really fun golf trip, even with the few bumps in the road.