Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Octopus, Octopi, Octopod, Octopuses

Just because we have been home for a little over a month now, don’t distress that my travels with Barry are over. He has been up to some things, but those will have to wait for another post. 
However, for the past two days, he has been watching certain videos on the internet. Some wives might be worried, but Barry has shared them with me. It all started after he listened to a How Stuff Works Podcast about Octopus, Octopi, Octopod, Octopuses.

He is so fascinated with octopi now. I went to sleep hearing about octopus. Before he left for work this morning, he shared octopus information, and I watched octopus videos with him before dinner this evening. Let me share them with you:

You may not find the octopi fascinating, but this is just one of the many things that makes me find Barry enchanting.

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