Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Must Listen

Years ago I came across the Satellite Sisters on XM radio. They are five sisters that are witty, smart, and can have a conversation even though they don't always have the same opinions. They no longer have their radio show and went their separate ways for awhile. However, they are now podcasting again, and I am oh so happy.  Sister Julie just got back from North Korea and the podcast about this trip is a must listen. Julie is a world traveler. She has lived and traveled all over the world, so she is accustomed to the customs and rules of other countries. But, even North Korea was too much for her. I urge you to listen to this podcast. It is eye opening and, of course, makes one so thankful for the USofA.
Podcast about North Korea

Then listen to the other podcast and check out their blog. You will be glad you did.


  1. Listening to the podcast now and enjoying it. Thanks for the tip! I love their pick of the week from JJill, favorite clothing!