Saturday, October 23, 2010

Warning to Grandparents and Parents

Do not let your cute, adorable grandchildren or children talk you into buying the  flashlights that are also a glow stick We purchased ours at Tom Thumb.  My grandson, Ben, LOVES flashlights. So, I was a sucker and bought he and my granddaughter, Scarlett, each one. 
Then we got home and found that the flashlights are also a whistle. A very LOUD whistle. 
Ben was ecstatic. Scarlett cried, because she didn’t know how to make her whistle work. (Scarlett is three, but feels she should be able to do anything that a six year old can do). After Scarlett calmed down, I showed her how to use her whistle. 
What is wrong with me? I am seriously concerned about myself. Let the whistling begin. 

I sent them out to the back porch for the sake of the cats, dogs (did I mention I have Ben and Scarlett’s dog too?) and my sanity. Then it began to thunder. So they went into the garage to play. Ben told me he would whistle if they needed something. I opened the garage door since it wasn’t raining yet, and they played and whistled away. Sorry neighbors, but it was either you or me.
After a short while the whistling was a little more constant. I looked into the garage, and Ben and Scarlett were standing on the golf cart (whistling). There were two very large dogs in the garage. I think all that whistling was calling in the neighborhood dogs, but it could have been the thunder. Luckily the dogs were very friendly and had a tag with their address on it. 

Scarlett is not crying, she is just trying to hold onto these dogs as they were trying to get into the house.
(possibly to escape the whistles?)

We tied them to the golf cart (a la wagon train style) and took them home. Ben told me he would whistle if he saw any cars. Thank you, Ben. The dogs were delivered home, and we returned to a rainy day of flashlights and whistles. 
The flashlights are in bed with Ben and Scarlett with the strict instructions that they cannot whistle. I fear I will be awakening to those whistles in the morning though. 

The good news, their parents come home tomorrow night and those flashlight/whistles are going home with them.


  1. Thanks for the warning! Maybe I won't be able to find them in the stores when Kaylee is here and old enough to want one, but I'm sure there will be something equally annoying that I'll buy for her. :)

  2. That picture of Scarlett is priceless. :) Too funny. I bet y'all had a great weekend.