Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Woodlands

Although we may be back from our RV trip, Travels with Barry, is not over. How could it be? Everyday with Barry is an experience. That is one of the best things about being married to him. But, then again, on some days, that is the worst things about being married to him.

We are going to the Woodlands to play golf with the Retired Couples Group from our club. Note: Barry is not retired, but I am so I think we qualify.

Ava loves painting her own face.
I left early to go to Houston to visit Ava, Joanie, and Jacob. We have had a fun filled time.  Ava is enjoying the last few months of being the only child and having everyone's attention.

 We were at the mall on Saturday, and Ava decided that she wanted to ride the train. When the door closed she was not so happy.
By the end of the ride, she was waving to everyone.

Barry is riding down with some friends, Andy and Linda Wright. Who knows maybe they will have a Travels with Barry story for me when I meet up with them in the Woodlands.  It wouldn't surprise me.


  1. Sounds like Barry definitely keeps life interesting! :)

    p.s. Bob(aka Fred)'s middle name is Barry.

  2. Joanie looks great! Wish I could be there for the fun. I am glad you're keeping the blog up!

  3. Me, too. Life is a journey, right? Every day is a new adventure.