Friday, October 8, 2010

"Our State Fair is a Great State Fair"

Big Tex
 Wednesday afternoon, Barry and I met Brett, Shannon, and the grandkids at the State Fair of Texas. First of all, let me say, there is nothing like seeing the State Fair through the eyes of a six year old. Ben loved every minute. After we met them, we went through the kids Farm Experience. This is a really cute interactive experience where they see what it is like to live on a farm. At the end, they even get to sell their crops and buy something with their money.

Farmers Scarlett & Ben
Milking the Cow

Feeding the Chickens and gathering
the eggs
Planting Okra

Isn't this the cutest little farmer?
Delivering Goods to Market

This is the apple, oh, I mean flower of my eye. Ben gets that accolade because he was the only one to get into the flower. He is pretty precious though.

We always attend the Bird Show. The birds seemed to fly
closer to people's heads then ever before to the delight of all the children.

Ben decided we should ride the Texas Star Ferris Wheel. He has never done it before, but convinced us he thought it would be fun. He even convinced Scarlett. Brett and I were in from the first, but Barry and Shannon did not go along for personal reasons. (gets sick/ afraid of heights) 
Ben & Scarlett's first time on the Texas Star


This is the only picture of me from the fair. I let Scarlett take it
on the Ferris Wheel. Do not tell Barry I let a three year old hold my
camera while dangling above the city. (Next I am going to
work on her techniques. She has got to quit photographing me from her level.)

After some more food, we headed to the buildings. 

As luck would have it a knife demonstration was 
beginning. I do believe they had Barry, Shannon, 
and Ben when they saw this swan. Brett and I were laughing so hard at them during the presentation, that at one point Ben told me to stop laughing, this was serious. 

If you don't believe how hard Brett and I were laughing, here is the picture Brett took of Barry and Shannon with their knife purchases. Laughing while photographing with an iphone does not work. 
One day, Ben will be purchasing those knives at the State Fair.
The legacy lives on. 

We said our farewell to the Texas Star and headed home with our knives, stomachs full of fair food, and more good fair memories.


  1. I want to go just for a Belgian waffle and the Texas Star!

  2. Great post, Jan ! Wish my family liked to go to the fair! I would love to take my grandkids but couldn't do it by myself.