Monday, October 18, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

You may recognize this precious guy from a previous post. It is our great-nephew, Christian. 
Look at those blue eyes. How cute is he?

Who does he look most like? His father, grandfather, or mother?

P.S-If you want to see a beautiful brown-eyed girl check out A Beautiful Life


  1. He's DEFINITELY a Jenkins in looks. Sorry, Jennifer. I have felt that pain of carrying a child only to have him look like his dad's family. However, there is redemption b/c you'll find that Christian will act/do things like you through the years. SCORE for the Mom!!

  2. Um, I am going to have to say Joe. Maybe Joe & Jennifer's next baby will look like Jennifer. He is so cute that I am sure Jennifer doesn't mind that he looks like his daddy.